New Zealand Delivery

Seed Heritage Online NZ delivers to New Zealand only.

Order Total Cost Time Estimate
$0-$99.99 NZD$10.00 4-7 Business Days
$100.00+ FREE 4-7 Business Days

Christmas Delivery Guidance

Order By Midnight AEDT Delivery Region Postcode/s
Saturday, 15 December 2018 All NZ Orders  
Sunday, 16 December 2018 All International Orders  
Sunday, 16 December 2018 SA Rural 5201,5202,5204-5210,5212,5213,5220-5223,5231-5237,5240,5242,5243,5245-5250,5252,5254,5256-5259,5261-5263,5265-5266,5269,5270,5272-5276,5278,5279,5291-5303,5306-5329,5331,5332,5340,5342,5344,5346-5351,5354,5356-5372,5374-5412,5414-5416,5418-5421,5430-5452 ,5454-5460, 5462, 5490,5493,5521,5522,5550,5552,5555,5560,5570,5572,5577-5583,5601,5607,5609,5630,5632,5641-5690,5710,5722-5749
WA Rural 6700-6770
NT Rural 0822,0835-0847,0852-0854,0872,0880-0889
Monday, 17 December 2018 NSW Rural 2339, 2341-2347, 2352-2412, 2431-2439, 2441, 2443, 2445-2449, 2451-2459, 2462-2469, 2471-2479, 2481-2483, 2642-2648, 2651, 2652, 2654-2664, 2673-2675, 2680-2707, 2709-2719, 2731-2739, 2821-2829, 2831-2844, 2878, 2879
QLD Rural 4454-4482,4488-4493,4521,4677-4679,4681-4699,4704-4739,4741-4809,4816,4819-4869,4871-4899
SA Other 5203,5211,5214,5223,5238,5241,5244,5251,5253,5255,5260,5264,5267,5268,5271,5277,5280-5290,5304,5330,5333,5341,5343,5345,5352,5353,5355,5373,5413,5417,5422,5453,5461,5491,5501,5502,5520,5523,5540,5554,5556,5558,5571,5573-5576,5600,5602-5606,5608,5631,5633,5640,5700,5720
WA Other 6215-6699
TAS Rural 7020-7049,7054,7109-7216,7330-7500
Darwin CBD 0800-0821
NT Other 0828-0832,0850,0851,0860-0871,0900-0999
Tuesday, 18 December 2018 ACT Regional 0251-0299
NSW Other 2311-2338,2340,2348,2350,2351,2413-2430,2440,2442,2444,2450,2460,2470,2480,2531-2554,2575-2599,2640, 2641, 2708, 2649-2650,2653,2665-2672,2678,2720-2730,2787-2820,2830,2845-2877
NSW VIC Border 2640, 2641, 2708, 3689-3690
QLD Other 4306-4349,4351-4428,4486-4487,4494-4498,4511-4519,4602-4649,4659-4669,4671-4676,4680,4700-4703,4740,4810-4815,4817,4818,4870,9920-9998
Perth Metro 6006-6214,6900-6999
Wednesday, 19 December 2018 Canberra CBD 2600-2601
Canberra Metro 0200-0250,2602-2639,2900-2920
Sydney CBD 1000-1299, 2000-2009
Sydney Metro 1300-1920, 2010-2249, 2555-2574, 2740-2786
NSW Outer Metro 2250-2310, 2500-2530
Melbourne CBD 3000-3010, 8000-8399
Melbourne Metro 3011-3210, 8400-8899
VIC Rural 3211-3220,3335-3338,3340,3350,3353-3356,3427-3429,3550,3552-3556,3629-3632,3660-3661,3750-3755,3757,3765-3767,3782,3785-3796,3800-3806,3810,3825,3840-3844,3910-3915,3930-3934,3975-3977
VIC Other 3221-3334,3341-3349,3351-3352,3357-3426,3430-3549,3551,3557-3628,3633-3659,3662-3688,3691-3749,3756,3758-3764,3768-3781,3783,3797-3799,3807-3809,3811-3824,3826-3839,3845-3909,3916-3929,3935-3974,3978-3999
Brisbane CBD 4000-4004,9000-9299
Brisbane Metro 4005-4209, 9400-9596
QLD Gold Coast 2484-2490, 4210-4299; 9726;9728;9729
QLD Outer Metro 4210-4305,4350,4500-4510,4520,4550-4601,4650,4655,4670,9597-9599,9700-9799,9880-9919, 9400-9596
Adelaide CBD 5000-5005,5800-5879
Adelaide Metro 5006-5199,5880-5999
Perth CBD 6000-6005,6800-6899
TAS CBD 7000-7003,7250
TAS Hobart 7004-7019,7050-7053,7055,7172,7800-7899
TAS Launceston 7248- 7325,7900-7999

Order Tracking

Seed Heritage Online orders are usually dispatched within two (2) business days.
When your order is dispatched to the Delivery Service, we will send you an email with your Tracking Number to track your order.
You can also track your order using the below Delivery Service links:

Destination Delivery Service Tracking Phone Number
New Zealand CourierPost 0800 268 743

Sales and Promotional Event Orders

During popular sales and promotions:

  • Seed Heritage Online may be unable to dispatch your order in full because one or more products are out of stock as we prepare to dispatch your order. If this occurs, you will receive an email notification about the out of stock product/s and an automatic refund to your payment method/s used.
  • Seed Heritage Online may experience delays of up to three (3) business days in dispatching your order for delivery to you.

Delivery Address Review Delay

All Seed Heritage Online orders require a valid delivery address which complies with Delivery Service requirements. We use a real-time address validation service at checkout to assist you to enter and select a valid delivery address.

If you do not use the address validation service at checkout or manually override and enter an invalid delivery address, your order will be delayed until we can confirm a valid delivery address for your order.

Fraud Review Delay

All Seed Heritage Online orders are reviewed for fraud and suspicious activity.

If you are a first-time customer to Seed Heritage Online or your payment has been identified by our payment partners as a potentially suspicious order, you will receive an email notification. Customer Service will then manually review your order. Your order will be delayed until we can confirm your identity and verify your order.

Lost or Delayed In-Transit Orders

If you have not received your Seed Heritage Online order within 10 business days, please contact Customer Service and we will request an investigation with the responsible Delivery Service.

Destination Delivery Service
New Zealand CourierPost

Damaged Orders

In very rare situations, your Seed Heritage Online order may have been damaged in-transit by the Delivery Service. Please read our Returns Policy to find the right Return Option for you.