Seed muse
VOL. 2 georgina jeffries Georgina Jeffries is an interior designer with an eye for spaces with a sense of history. Splitting her time between Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road, and her studio in Prahran, Georgina works with a tight-knit, creative team. We caught up with her to see what goes into a typical day in the city.
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9:00am Since I’m only in Melbourne two days a week, I like to really make the most out of every hour I’m here. The team and I will pop out for a takeaway coffee and catch up on the last few days. From there we’ll head back to the studio and have our morning meeting. Every day is different, and we’re usually booked out weeks in advance.
10:00am From there it’s straight into client meetings. I’m really drawn to beauty, I love for things to be elegant and sophisticated, but that only works if they serve a purpose. A house needs to work for you and make your life better. You don’t have to choose beauty over practicality; you can have both. That’s what our clients come to us for.
“It’s so important to hire people you think are more talented than you are yourself. We’re always learning from each other.” Georgina
1:00pm My team really is my family, I’m so lucky to have them. We’ll all have lunch together most days and chat about our projects. We work very collaboratively and there’s no hierarchy. Every voice is heard. It’s so important to hire people you think are more talented than you are yourself. They each bring different things to the business and we’re always learning from each other.
3:00pm In the afternoons we might meet with a supplier and see some new ranges. Interiors weren’t always on the cards for me. I thought I’d go into PR or be a jeweller. It wasn’t until my mum pointed out that my whole life I’ve been moving and changing my bedroom around that I thought, that should be me. I started off with a short course at RMIT and I just didn’t want to go home at the end of each day. I feel so lucky to have a profession that I adore.
6:00pm I love to grab a wine with the girls after work, whether that’s at Entrecôte or at an exhibition launch or a supplier event. When I’m in Melbourne, I love to wear a suit. It’s just the best, and then you can split it up and wear the jacket and vest with jeans. I’m very much a dressed-down girl, so elevated jewellery and accessories are a must.