True style stands the test of time. That's why we've performed rigorous quality testing to ensure your garment stays a statement in your wardrobe for as long as possible. Each garment is different, and requires special care for its specific materials. Take care of them according to their needs, as listed on the garment care label, and they'll continue to look good – as will you – for a long time.

  • Give your whites, darks and colours the special attention they need. Wash each colour group separately
  • Wash garments with contrast trims or panels separately, especially your blacks and whites. The fabrics have been designed to be washed together, but may absorb dye from other garments
  • Before your slip into your new favourite jeans, give them a wash inside out first
  • Wash your denim and coated fabrics inside out to protect the fabric and depth of colour
  • Viscose and jersey natural materials can stretch in the wash. Use a steam iron to bring your garments back to perfect form
  • Hand-wash your fringe; save time untangling
  • Woollen garments need to be treated delicately. Follow the care instructions and either hand wash, or select a gentle setting on your washing machine. Avoid soaking woollen garments for more than an hour. Always dry them flat to prevent stretching
  • We use high quality leather, and recommend you leave care to the experts. Find a good dry cleaner to keep your leather garments in top condition

Keep the heat down low with delicate items, and always follow the instructions on your garment to avoid damage.

Some things are best left to the professionals. Dry cleaning instructions are specific to a style or material, and your garment's care label will tell you what it needs.

Keep your handbag load light to ensure it stays as beautiful as the day you purchased it. Use a lint roller to clean felt hats. Feathers are a natural product and care should be taken with them to prolong their life. If they get wet, allow to dry in the sunshine.

  • Our store teams are happy to help find the perfect size to step in to
  • We can't accept worn returns, so always try your shoes on at home on a carpeted surface before you step out in your new footwear
  • Our sneakers and canvas products are not designed to go in a washing machine. If they do require some care, let them dry naturally and remove excess dirt with a brush or cloth. We recommend using a fabric cleaner for spot cleaning
  • Approach a change in weather with class. Allow your leather product to dry naturally if you get caught in the rain
  • Sensitive suede and nubuck don't take kindly to oils or creams. Give them gentle care with a suede brush from time to time to keep the nap (texture) raised and looking fresh
  • Before you take strides in your suede shoes, always protect them with a waterproof spray
  • Insole socks on sandals may lift with heat and perspiration. Though we use a strong adhesive, this is sometimes unavoidable in the hotter months
  • We trust you'll love your new heels within an inch of their life. That's why we supply replacement pieces for your heels. Take them to a skilled shoe repairer – they'll know what to do
  • Here's a style secret: baby wipes work wonders on reviving white leather and PU shoes. Always, always test on a discrete area first
  • We know your espadrilles are an easy outfit saviour; however their natural materials may wear over time and with excessive use