Our Beginnings

At Seed Heritage, we elevate the everyday. Our collections centre on beautiful design and a modern, Australian point of view.

The Seed Heritage lifestyle is about family, friends, and moments together. Since 2000, when the first Seed store opened in Armadale, Victoria, our range has expanded to include womenswear, menswear, teen, child, baby and homewares. With more than 200 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore, we now reach a global audience, and our online store ships worldwide.

Across our offering, we focus on quality and a timeless appeal. Seed pieces are made to see you through the seasons, and to last for years. We want to be a part of your favourite memories: the outfits that make you feel your best, the table setting for the special occasions you celebrate at home, the first present you buy for a new baby.

Seed Heritage gives a modern take on the classics, set to inspire and to fit into your life at every stage. We’d love for you to join us.

Seed Heritage seeks to connect with customers by offering a one-of-a-kind and compelling retail experience. Our approach is simple: We believe in great design, high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Our stores are designed to capture the rich history of our brand while reflecting our signature pared-back style. Seed Heritage stores are comprised of ‘pods’ — key product sections inspired by our brand name — creating a considered, engaging space that both adults and children can enjoy.

Seed Heritage has become a destination for all your sartorial needs. Collections are updated monthly, ensuring new product is always available. Our womenswear is accessible, while still maintaining a strong design aesthetic and modern edge. Our younger customers enjoy options that are both classic and playful. We have wardrobe staples plus extra fun party pieces for those times that call for something a bit more special. Every piece is exceptionally designed and made to last.

Over the years, Seed Heritage has garnered a loyal following from those shopping for themselves, their little ones, and others too. We now reach a global audience, boasting more than 200 stores in destinations including New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our online store is always open and ships worldwide.