Sustainability & Sourcing

Seed Heritage is committed to the safe and ethical manufacture, sourcing and supply of goods and services.

Seed Heritage enforces rigorous trading terms to ensure our supply chain is free from all forms of worker exploitation. Those terms include the prohibition of forced labour in all of its many forms, requirements to provide safe working (and where applicable, living) environments and to treat and pay workers fairly. This includes the application of a strict Code of Supplier Conduct that is subject to frequent review to ensure best practice.

Seed Heritage's focus and strategy is to address all levels of the supply chain over time.

Seed Heritage is proud to be a part of a growing global movement that has already made great strides in improving conditions for workers across the apparel and accessories production industry, and to contribute to achieving ever-greater levels of transparency and protections for those workers in the near and distant future.

Our terms include extensive rights to require suppliers to provide us with information on their operations and of audit by independent third parties (which Seed Heritage does in practice invoke.)

Code of Supplier Conduct/Workers' Rights

The Code of Supplier Conduct (COSC) applies to all factories that produce goods for Seed Heritage. The Code must be signed and adhered to by all suppliers and any third parties our suppliers source materials or labour from, ensuring transparency of processes. It also states that best practice measures pertaining to local and international product safety standards must be followed. Seed Heritage has ongoing and long term relationships with our suppliers and ensures that every factory and related party signs and maintains a comprehensive Code of Supplier Conduct. Our team conduct regular reviews and audits, working with our suppliers regularly to improve on these processes and communication.

Some of the Code's specific safeguards include:

  • ensuring local and international laws adhered to as an absolute minimum.
  • prohibiting child labour. We have zero tolerance for child labour.
  • requiring factories to hire, pay and promote workers without regard to race, colour, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity, marital status, social origin, disability, sexual orientation, membership in workers' organisations, or political affiliation.
  • a comprehensive set of specific requirements to ensure workplace safety.
  • complete transparency of all facilities and countries involved in the manufacturing process allowing us to conduct further reviews and audits.
  • factories must comply with environmental standards as outlined in COSC.
  • provision for workers to contact our company directly in order to provide information and feedback on their working conditions.

Sustainable Sourcing

As part of Seed Heritage's dedication to the environment, all suppliers must work to minimise any negative impact on the environment. All relevant national and international environmental legislation must be adhered to in all manufacturing processes in the supply chain. All dyeing, printing and finishing operations should conform to the Seed Heritage Environmental Code of Practice, which is continually revised and updated.

  • Tencel: We use trademark-certified Tencel wherever possible. The process by which Tencel is manufactured is renowned for its environmental sustainability and has been recognised with an environmental award by the European Union.
  • Woolmark: Our merino programs are all Woolmark certified.
  • Angora: we prohibit the use of angora in our products.
  • Our trading terms state that no cotton is to be sourced from Uzbekistan.
  • Our product tags are all sustainably sourced.