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Our 100% French linen is a natural, high-quality fibre from France, made from the flax plant,
which makes it super soft and beautifully breathable. The temperature and cooler climate in
France is ideal for the cultivation and controlled decomposition of the woody plant.


High air permeability, meaning it is breathable and comfortable
Keeps its shape.
Softer, smoother with age.
Thermo regulating, meaning insulating in the cold and breathable in the warm.

Ways to care


Hand wash in cold water in a mild detergent.

Do not use detergents that include bleach or brighteners as these chemicals damage and weaken fibres.


Hang your linen naturally outside.

Be sure to hang coloured items in the shade.


It is best practice to follow care instructions listed on your linen products.


There is no need to iron your linen garments.

If your garments become really crushed, simply press the garment whilst still slightly damp. Then use a medium-hot iron on the steam setting.

White linen is better ironed on both sides and your darker linen garments are best pressed on the reverse side.


Linen is best stored in dry and cool places. Avoid storing in plastic bags and cardboard boxes. When taking out of storage, air it out well and wash if necessary.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight over long periods of time as this can fade the colour of your loved linen garments.