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How to iron on your
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1. Prep the Iron: To properly affix your patch, be sure to turn your iron to the highest heat setting. Fabrics which are best suited to our patches are materials like cotton, canvas and polyester. Fabrics we advise against affixing our patches include nylon, rayon, silk and any other delicate fabrics as this can cause damage to the fabric. 2. Heat Your Spot: To make sure your patch affix's properly, press the iron downward onto your chosen patch position on your garment for 5 seconds to draw out any moisture that may be sitting within your fabric. Repeat this step and apply it to the reverse side of your item of clothing. 3. Position the Patch: Consider pinning the patch in place to make sure the patch is upright and in a position you like. 4. Use a Pressing Cloth: To protect both the fabric's surface and the patch, place a pressing cloth, cotton pillowcase or handkerchief between the patch and the iron. Press the iron downward and hold it in place for 30 to 45 seconds. 5. Flip and Repeat: Once the patch is affixed to the fabric, turn the item of clothing inside out and lay it flat on your ironing board. Position the pressing cloth over the reverse side of the patch and repeat step four. 6. Cooling: Once the patch is securely attached to the garment, allow it to cool completely before folding and wearing. 7. Caring For Me: Allow 24 hours before washing. Wash only in a cold wash. AVAILABLE ONLINE AND BONDI CHILD, NSW